Welcome To Done Rite Building Services

Established in 2000 we have grown to become the premier commercial cleaning company servicing Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware Counties as well as Philadelphia. We offer a complete line of services that will fit any business or office’s needs. We specialize in working with Corporate Centers, Office Parks, Fitness Centers, Salons, and Medical Offices of all sizes.

Our Specializations

Office Cleaning

We have been offering superior office cleaning service since our founding. Over the years we have created a reputation that few in our industry can match.

Window Cleaning

We have added window cleaning as an added service to our business customers. Whether your office has just a few windows or you manage a skyscraper we can keep your windows clean year round.

Medical Offices

We have worked with various medical offices since our beginning. We understand the importance in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your both your employees and patients.

Fitness Centers

Face it, no matter how often your equipment is wiped down it is still loaded with germs and bacteria. We offer specialized services to help keep not only the equipment but your entire center clean and spotless.